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Are you staying in Villa Kranenbergh? Good news: we offer you as our guest a complimentary visit to Museum Kranenburgh in Bergen. Museum Kranenburgh comes highly recommended at any day of the year.

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NAKED – The Vulnerable Body

Museum Kranenburgh | 14 oktober 2018 – 3 februari 2019

What is naked in contemporary times? With the exhibition NAKED – The Vulnerable Body, Museum Kranenburgh considers the changing meaning of the naked in the visual culture of the past decades: from shock to familiarity, from taboo to openness – and sometimes back again.

Despite revealing our soul and bliss on Facebook and Instagram, naked nipples remain strictly taboo. Perfectly photographed bodies on television, in magazines, and online make us insecure, uncomfortable even, about our own bodies. Image-maker Thomas Widdershoven (thonik) is the guest curator of the exhibition NAKED, which takes a closer look at our body image through our relationship to being naked.

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